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Shower Domes

We are a local agent who supply and install Shower Domes to Wellington & Kapiti.

Shower Domes can be fitted to most showers.

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Shower Domes

Dolphin Showers & Bathrooms sells and installs shower domes in a range of sizes to suit most existing and new shower cubicles.

Showerdome is a clear acrylic dome that simply attaches to an existing shower cubicle to prevent steam from forming in the bathroom. By placing a Showerdome on the shower cubicle, the cold air in the bathroom can’t get in to mix with warm moist air that the shower creates, and therefore very little steam is created – resulting in a warm toasty shower cubicle, and a dry steam free bathroom.

There are 10 different shapes and sizes of shower domes to fit most exisiting and new showers on the market. 

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