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Acrylic Wall-liners

Custom made Acrylic Shower Wall-liners. Custom made to suit your shower requirements.


Prior to the “Acrylic” shower wall liner used in modern showers today, the older alternatives ranged from tiles to rigid laminated hard boards to solid fibre glass cabins.

It wasn’t until the early 90’s after the shower revolution began to take hold in new house designs, Bathroomware manufacturers started experimenting with other materials mainly to overcome issues like the distribution of large fibreglass cabins, improving the ability to clean mould and grime off the shower walls and the leaky home requirements.

The material we know as an “Acrylic” wall lining today was in fact developed for the automotive industry offering a light material that can be thermo formed with a high gloss finish. With the ability to add additives like UV inhibitors and resistance to chemicals it became the obvious choice to trial as a shower wall liner.

After a long trial period here in New Zealand, the “Acrylic Shower Wall Liner” was born.

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